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Dame Traveler x Brit + Co Photography E-Course


Have you ever wanted to take dreamy photos like the ones you see on travel blogger accounts? If your answer is, "Yes!" then get excited because we wanted to know how a travel blogger takes those photos too! So we teamed up with the gals from Dame Traveler to give us all the deets!

In this course, the editor of Dame Traveler, Laura Jean, will teach you how to capture beautiful photos while you’re on vacation. Plus, you won’t need to pack any extras in your suitcase, because all you’ll need is your smartphone!

You’ll start with the basics by learning how to use the settings on your camera phone. Then, you’ll learn how to scout for Insta-worthy locations based on where you’re going. And lastly, you’ll master how to get the perfect solo shot to help give all the wanderlust vibes!


  • Research city-specific places to take dreamy photos on your next vacation.

  • How to create visually interesting photos with angles, composition principles, and more.

  • Edit photos on some of Laura’s favorite apps like VSCO and Snapseed.



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