Laura Jean is an internationally recognized writer, photographer, podcaster, content creator, traveler and overall creative enthusiast. She is the editor in chief and lead copywriter of Dame Traveler - the first female travel community on Instagram.

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Laura has a love for promoting adventures large and small on her blog Roam + Golightly, as well as an adjoined podcast where she chats to influential makers, explorers and creatives to gain insight on their inspirational resources. She is a contributor to many international publications.

Raised in an arts-centered home, Laura grew up running through the aisles of her mother's theater and has always considered performing to be one of her truest passions. Today, she combines her love for travel, arts and humanities through her illustrative stories and informational pieces on adventure, exploration and travel industry news. It is her hope to spark curiosity and embolden female travelers to find more beauty in this world.

A true traveler at heart, Laura has traveled to over 16 countries and hopes to check more destinations off of her ever-growing wanderlust list.